I am a Quaker, a scientist and a Christian. These three threads, woven together in the fabric of my life, are all necessary. In different times in my life I have denied one or two of these (all have been denied at times), but it is only by bringing all three together that I’ve found a wholeness. 

I love people and like to be social. I also need solitude and silence. I am simultaneously pulled towards people (individually and in crowds) and needing to run away from them. 

I hear people, usually agreeing and understanding all sides of every argument. This is my strength and my weakness. This blog is my attempt to have an outlet where I can write what I hear, where I can let out what I’ve absorbed. 

This blog is (I hope) anonymous. This isn’t because I’m scared of being identified (anyone who knows me and stumbles across it will no doubt recognise me – I request you don’t identify me), but because I want to be able to write freely, without worrying about whether I embarrass my employer, or my family. 

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